SALEYA GALLERY is an international art gallery in Zurich. In 1970 Maximilien Janselme my grandfather created the foundation for the art gallery. He made a name for himself as an expert on art in France and Europe. Art and artists were his great love. Since 1970 the gallery focused on Surrealism, Modern Art and Contemporary Art.


We love art and we have a deep relationship with collectors and artists. Art is an attitude to life and reflects the soul of an artist as well as his collector. Conveying art and this attitude to life is our passion, which has been passed down through three generations of our family.


Since 1970 artists and art collectors have placed their trust in us. We sell and broker only unique pieces. In doing so, we advise our clients on buying in the art market and demonstrate the value of art as a long-term investment. Internationally, the demand for art is constant and high. We will help you to choose the right artwork and artist. In addition, you have a unique work of art. You beautify your ambience in a valuable way and can enjoy a moment of art history with a timeless work of art.